Today: Books in the Park

Move over Stockley Gardens, this book blogger wants something to read.  I need a break from wandering the library, trying to find something recent but not 50 Shades of Grey.  Goodreads reviews aren’t motivating me to pick up a book, either – there’s too much subterfuge in both one and five-star directions.  I want to meet the authors.  What was the passion behind this plot, that character, this dialogue.  This afternoon, I’ll be wandering around Norfolk’s downtown waterfront, taking in all of the books and potentially grilling (ahem, interviewing) authors for my next series of blog posts. 

From noon to 4, the literary world converges for the 5th annual Books in the Park.  While the billing of this event is confusing, these events appear listed under the larger Embrace the Culture: Indie Music and Arts Festival, I’ll be there nonetheless.  Find me sitting on a couch next to a stack of books and eating food truck fare. 

What would you do if your world fell apart while your husband was rocketing to the moon?  Share your thoughts in person with Norfolk’s own, Lydia Netzer, author of the to-the-moon-and-back love story Shine Shine Shine.  This stunning debut novel has been featured as People Magazine’s People Pick, an Amazon Pick for the Summer and listed on the Indie Next List for August.  Netzer will be available to discuss her thoughts on robots, motherhood and her recent New York Times Op Ed “The Man in the Moon” detailing why we should travel to Mars (hint:  it’s better than flush toilets and the printing press).